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Natural Design Swimming Holes are constructed with structural concrete, hand sculpted into rock formations, onsite.   Scroll through the photos below to view a typical construction sequence

Swimming pools begin with a design drawing and a free estimate


In-ground swimming pools require a hole that will reflect the shape of the finished pool


Steel rebar is placed in a grid to reinforce the sculpted concrete pool shell


PVC plumbing is installed and pressure tested because it will be embedded in the swimming pool shell during the shotcrete process


Shotcrete is air blown concrete with a very fine fiber that adds tensile strength and also allows the sculpting crew to create the rock look below water that is a trade mark of Natural Design Swimming Holes

The natural Design sculpting crew are all dedicated artists who use concrete as their medium, to create the rock formations


The rock formations in the swimming hole must be sculpted quickly, before the concrete become hard and unworkable

Sculpting the flagstone flatwork and patios also requires the faux rock artist to work quickly and accurately, because there is no second chance with wet concrete


The faux rock below waterline must be waterproofed with a stone texture plaster coat, to insure that the pool will not leak


The pools rock formations are then stained to the color of the desired rock look


The Swimming Hole floor receives a white sand pebble plaster between the rock formations(click on photo for more detail)

Waiting for his new Swimming Hole to fill was just too much for this little guy!

This photo clearly shows the unique under water beauty of Natural Design Swimming Holes. (For more photos and information visit the DESIGN TIPS page)


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